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Terrance Costello – Level Design

Terrance Costello, age 28.

Studying the art and design of video games at the University of Cumbria, personally focusing on level design and the theory behind it. Feel free to browse my work so far.

I always appreciate feedback and can be reached via the methods below.

Terrorarium Level Design Contest 2020

Tasked with creating a level that could be featured in a finished game, I focused on ensuring that the stage had an interesting layout and was finished to a professional quality.

  • Garnered feedback from peers to ensure the level was balanced and easily accessible whilst also providing a challenge.
  • Designed the stage layout based on the forest biome provided.
  • Tried to avoid overlapping assets and textures to make the level feel polished.
  • 2 to 3 minute playtime depending on player experience, on par with average levels provided by the developers.
  • Time taken was around 4 hours not including testing or learning the tools.

Overall I was very happy with the outcome of this project and hope to update this once I know the outcome of the competition.

Huge thanks to the developers of Terrorarium for this opportunity check out the game here :

Feel free to ask any questions about choices or decisions based on player interaction.

Update 1 : Long listed for the competition.

more details can be found here :

GROUP PROJECT – 2020 – Harry Shotter (36 hours in total on map and design )

This was for my most recent group project, we where given some creative freedom with how to approach it, I was group lead, level designer and blueprinter for the project. The goal I laid out with the team was to create a game reminiscent of a classic FPS in the vein of Doom and Quake. I was really happy with the project as a whole, though due to an issue with the texturer in the group I wasn’t able to get all the textures implemented. I also worked on all of the models and tiles for the level layout with 2 other group members in charge of the aliens, and certain assets like the shields, fountain and trees / rocks.

I based the flow of the level on the traditional FPS style, having the player find keys which drew the players attention using violet lights and the same with the exit portal. Platforming was introduced after the first door in the level to create an extra level of challenge for the players approaching it. I also did all of the implementation for UI and Menu elements.

Video link to playthrough –

FMP work – On Call Experience

Please click here for a quick playthrough of the project –

Updated images of my current FMP project, specifically being created to show level design skills, as well as tell a story through the medium. Using unreal engine 4, along with some free assets. All blue prints, VFX and layout / design are personal creations alongside a filter created for the look of the game. ( buildings, assets and the character are part of asset packs available on Unreal marketplace ). I wanted to focus on telling a small story showing something strange happening in the house of a family friend. There where a lot of hurdles during the creation of this project including becoming quite severely ill myself, but overall I’m happy with what I managed to create and managed to keep the length short enough that it is easy to complete within a few minutes. I added cutscene at the end to help end the game off with a set piece, the cutscene was the most difficult part for me as it’s something I’d not worked on before.